The Rule of Six: MARK

Mark reflects on the Covid-19 pandemic.

CMOML Profile 11


Mark was fortunate to have a job hauling goods for the food industry, so he never stopped working through the lockdown. Continuing to work 9am-5pm Monday to Friday, life pretty much stayed the same for him, whereas his wife was furloughed and their son was off school so he knows it was a very different experience for them.

Although it hasn’t been easy, Mark thinks that this kind of routine definitely helps to avoid getting stuck in a rut during this pandemic.

Since a lot of his time is spent at work during the week, Mark’s favourite hobby is being with his family and spending time with his wife and son. He’s also realised that he’s quite good with a hammer and a saw, so he’s been putting that to good use to revamp the garden and put the decking up in his spare time.

To try and keep one step ahead, Mark is currently in the process of studying some online courses to grow his skillset and help secure his employment opportunities as he knows that the future is still uncertain.

Like many of us, he’s very much looking forward to a holiday and getting back to normality!

Mark thinks that his experience in the military has been very helpful for coping with the pandemic. He’s been able to adapt to different environments and situations much better, so he feels lucky to not have struggled as much as some other people.

He understands the importance of routine from his time in the army and knows that he’s just got to keep going and get on with it.

Mark finds his new job on the frontline of a COVID testing centre very similar to being back in the army. Working with some other veterans he knows, he explains that the work is very disciplined and regimented and that you’re taught to expect the unexpected - much like the military. Mark also suggests that there’s nothing wrong with a bit of banter, and that a good sense of humour helps to keep each other going, particularly during times like this.

Mark strongly believes that connecting with others is crucial because he understands that some people need contact more than others which makes this lockdown more difficult for them.

Although Mark hasn’t been able to keep in touch with people face-to-face as usual, he has been able to connect with other veterans, primarily through social media on platforms such as Facebook.

He’s also been doing pub quizzes on Zoom with friends and family which is very entertaining, and even playing on the Xbox with his young son (and even learning a few things from him!)

Keep your chin up and find a good routine.

Reach out to friends and family, particularly those who may be struggling during the lockdown because a simple conversation could do them the world of good during a time when we can’t see people in person.

Consider finding new skills and learning new things because there is no harm in expanding your knowledge and skill set in different areas, especially when you never know what’s coming next.

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