Friday 8th May – Sunday 10th May 2020


Big Fat Regimental Quiz of the Year


The Answers

Answer 1: Sergeant Moses Simpson

Answer 2: 1745

Answer 3: Cameroons, 1961

Answer 4: 750 rounds per minute

Answer 5: L1A1 Self-loading Rifle (SLR)

Answer 6: Bobsleigh team

Answer 7: Julie Goodyear, better known as Bet Lynch from Coronation Street

Answer 8: ‘Cumberland Ball’, the referee in the stove-pipe hat is Captain Vince Harrison 

Answer 9: General Sir William ‘Bill’ Scotter KBC, OBE, MC

Answer 10: John Peel (these framed prints are available to purchase from the Museum, get yours HERE before it is too late!)

Answer 11: Sicily 1943 

Answer 12: 1994 for work in Northern Ireland

Answer 13: 1998 for work in Macedonia. The King’s Own Royal Border Regiment holds the distinction of being the first Regiment to be awarded a second Wilkinson Sword of Peace 

Answer 14: Bosnia, 2000

Answer 15: Nazi war criminal Rudolph Hess

Answer 16: Mess Tin

Answer 17: Comp Rations

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