Project Brief

Digital Consultancy – Resilient Alma Project

Cumbria’s Museum of Military Life

Background to Project:

The Museum looks after a comprehensive military collection with strong ties to Cumbria and the Castle. The onsite military presence continues with the Museum telling the story of the local Infantry Regiment, past and present. Our aim is to be a locally and regionally renowned military history collection, providing a focal point for both residents and visitors. As the army footprint has reduced in the area, we offer a unique connection to the military.

The pandemic has given us a chance to refocus and reassess our situation. We understand we must become more robust and resilient and reviewing our digital infrastructure is an important part of our journey to sustainability.

The Brief:

We are seeking a consultant to develop an ambitious yet realistic digital strategy and action plan enabling us to invest in our digital infrastructure to offer additional services to engage with our existing audiences, reach new audiences and build staff and volunteer digital capacity.

As part of the Resilient Alma NLHF digital project brief, we require:

  • A digital strategy that evaluates our current digital provision and capability, including the methodology the Museum will take to utilise digital technology over the next three years
  • A costed plan that sets out the actions to be taken over the next three years, including the resources required

Both the strategy and action plan must be relevant, realistic, and achievable, considering available resources such as funding and staff time

We want to make our collections more accessible and digitally increase engagement opportunities, working in new and innovative ways.  Therefore, the strategy must include:

  • An analysis of our current digital audience, and a methodology for measuring and evaluating digital impact
  • Identification of target audiences working alongside the development of the Museum’s audience development plan
  • Recommendations for developing and creating digital content (such as virtual tours, digital exhibitions and learning resources, videos, podcasts, games, mobile apps, live-streaming etc.)
  • Ideas for user-generated digital content, including curated collections, exhibitions, tours, contributions of memories/information
  • Suggested digital interpretation techniques for use both within the Museum and with potential external temporary exhibitions and displays
  • A review of our social media platforms and suggestions to take these forward
  • Recommended technology, hardware, software, tools, and equipment needed to achieve our digital goals
  • The provision for upskilling staff to develop confidence and ensure everyone has the right level of digital capability and competency

Budget and timescale

The budget available for the development of the strategy and accompanying action plan is £1800.00 maximum, £1000 payable at start of contract and £800 payable on completion of task.

A detailed timescale will be agreed between the successful consultant and the Museum Manager with the final strategy and action plan submitted by 10 January 2022.

The project will be line managed by Jules Wooding, Museum Manager and overseen by Nick Hazlewood, Museum Assistant (Digital).

How to apply:

Please submit tender by email to Jules Wooding, Museum Manager – by 1200hrs Monday 18 October.

  • A two-sided A4 outline plan showing how you would undertake this task, including a rough timescale
  • A resume of previous experience relevant to this application

Successful applicants will be invited to interview on either Wednesday 27 or Thursday 28 October via zoom

Cumbria’s Museum of Military Life, Alma Block, The Castle, Carlisle, Cumbria CA3 8UR    Tel: 01228 532774

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