Minutes of Committee Meeting
of the Friends of Cumbria’s Museum of Military Life
06 Nov 18


1) Present:

  1. Lewis, A.P. Chandler, Mrs D. Parsons, M. Milbourn, M. Rosling, G. Stitt, Mrs B. Stitt.

Mrs M. McArdle, S. Eastwood, J. Henderson, J. Mills

2) Apologies:

  1. Stitt, P. Green

3) Minutes: The Minutes of the last meeting were read by JM and accepted.

4) Actions from last meeting: 

180801 Membership letter to all members.

N.L. waiting for trial run with data base. Action M.L.181101

180802 Friends advertising banner. S.E. says that quote will be about £100

S.E. will need to discuss with Nick about graphics  Action N.L/.SE 181102

180803Valuation by Paul Laidlaw. D.P. says that P.L. recommends afternoon from 2.00pm-4.00pm, with tea and cakes. Posters to be provided by PL’s team. Advertising paid for  in Cumbria Life agreed. Public to bring items for valuation and given a cloakroom ticket and called forward for confidential valuation. Then if agreeable the valuation is made public. To be held at St. Aidan’s Hall P.L. offered two dates: 14-3-19 or 21-3-19. Tickets £4 in advance, £5 at the door Action DP 181103

5) Membership: M.R. has been having much trouble sorting out all the different pieces of paper and pulling it all together. Total membership is now 155, some still paying at old rate. This needs resolving.

Membership card to be reviewed and sent out with Newsletter.

M.R. suggests ‘Welcome Pack’ for new members, to include a letter from the chairman, Newsletter and membership card. Action N.L. 181104

Membership to be renewed on 1st of March; if not received by A.G.M., membership lapses. Action M.R., G.S., 181105


6) Future Events:

A.P.C. suggests combined carol service with A.B.F. and R.B.L., funded by the Regimental Association for this year only. All members to be invited for Weds. 5th December. Action APC 181106

Museum Lecture programmes are on schedule and published on line & in the Lion & Dragon

History and food evenings. John Crouch is recovering from injury, but if unable to perform, S.E. has

alternative chefs lined up. WW1 dinner to be revived if John is OK  ActionSE to discuss with John 181106

Quiz nights to continue as usual.

2019 will be 75th Anniversary of Arnhem and D Day. Exhibitions are planned.

Current programme:

14Mar19 Antique Valuation Paul Laidlaw D Parsons
TBC WW1 Dinner Awaiting J Crouch M Milbourn
May19 Friends Open Evening Confirm date TBC
TBC Galipoli John Mather TBC

7) Newsletter: More material required. Bare bones of an article sufficient. J.H. will either flesh it out or rewrite if necessary.

Committee putting Lion & Dragon in envelopes worked well. JH to advise committee when it is received from printers to repeat. Action JH 181107

8) Museum Report: ‘Lest We Forget” has been very well received. New material continues to trickle in, including three medal groups. Veterans’ lunches, involving young and very old veterans, going very well and much appreciated.

9) AOB

Chairman requested that any AOB be sent to the Secretary before the meeting.

Requested that agenda & confirmation of meetings be sent out a minimum of 7 working days in advance of the meeting. Action JM 181108

There being no other business the meeting closed at 17.35 hrs.

Next meeting 15-Jan19 Museum at 1600 hrs.


180801 Membership letter to all members M Rosling & N Lewis
180802/181102 Obtain quote from manufacturers for Friends advertising banner/graphics S Eastwood/Matt Lund
180804 Contact J Mather for Galipoli talk N Lewis
181101 180801 N.L. waiting for trial run with data base. Matt Lund
181102 See 180802
181103 Confirm arrangements for valuation with P Laidlaw D Parsons
181104 Welcome Pack for new members N Lewis/M Rosling
181105 Membership renewed 01Mar. De-listed if not renewed by AGM M Rosling/C Stitt
181106 Invite Friends to Carol Service P Chandler
181107 Advise committee when L&D has to be put in envelopes J Henderson
181108 Circulate agenda 7 days before meeting J Mills


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