Minutes of Committee Meeting of the Friends of Cumbria”s Museum of Military Life 28 September 2020 (via Zoom)

1) Present

N. Lewis, M. Milbourn, Ms J Wooding, , M. Rosling, , P. Green, A Chandler. K Moualem.  D Allardice

Apologies: Mrs B. Stitt.  Mrs D. Parsons C. Stitt J. Henderson Mrs M  McArdle G. Stitt
David Allardice was welcomed to the committee.

2) Matters Arising not elsewhere on the Agenda.

Local History Groups to be contacted when they are meeting normally at the museum Action Jules
RAF Association to be contacted to discuss some form of membership Action Jim

3) Newsletter: An update of the Newsletter was given.

Next editions 1 November 2020, 1 February 2021 and 1 May 2021
The Editor said he  had too much information for a quarterly 8 pp newsletter but would be used for future editions. Peter explained the booklet “Our Family” (that he had paid for) was for sale at £2.50 or free with a Family Membership of the Friends taken out at the Museum. Our Family contains brief histories of past “characters” of the antecedent regiments and would help with recruiting new members. More family orientated.
Other options were discussed for producing a newsletter as a benefit for Members and using the “The Lion & the Dragon”  more formally to get more members, beyond having the odd back number at the Museum, eg a Winter “Annual” that is free to members but sold for around £5 to non-members at the Museum and beyond, or more small booklets, eg “Our World” and “Our Kit”. It was decided that there would be no change in the current publications and further booklets would wait until the Museum has had experience of selling the “Our Family”.
John Stonebridge was to be contacted to write an article about early weapons Action NDL

4) Membership.

There are currently 134 members.
A meeting is to be held to discuss PayPal as a means of payment Action NDL

5) Finance: Report from Carl accepted. Currently £6126 available in the bank.


6) Patron

A letter thanking Lady Ballyedmond for her services as Patron and her donation of £10K to The Friends.to be written. This money would be used to complete the restoration of the picture “Off Duty in The Crimea”. Action NDL
(Post meeting note – £3,272.76 already raised for renovation). Check if any changes to the original estimate £6K.  Otherwise to go ahead with restorer. Action Jules
A Zoom meeting had been arranged with Hon. Caroline Haughy, the curator and NDL to discuss what the new patron saw as her role. See Post Meeting notes.
Discussions were had considering naming rooms after Lord & Lady Ballyedmond. This was not considered correct since they were not the only givers of large donations.

7) Curator”s Report.

Jules gave a report on the current situation in the museum. Working with English Heritage using joint ticketing had helped during the summer , July had had an improved footfall and August had been good. The museum would close down over the winter but Friends could access if they wanted by ringing the museum.
The Ogilby Trust was hosting their national annual conference online on 7 October at which Jules had been asked to undertake a presentation on VJ Day at the Museum
Simon Fraser, son of George MacDonald Fraser is donating his father”s WW2 Bush Hat as worn in the Burmese jungle . Consider having a very small reception? Action Jules/NDL
Arts Council had given a grant of £31K which would help tide the museum staff over wages. Further grant requests to help the museum IT & web site were being made. This was necessary to attract customers during any further lock-down and keep family interest in the museum. Staff were all well and coming off furlough at the end of September.

8) Any Other Business:

It was proposed that both Mrs Stitt & Mrs Parsons be allowed to resign from the committee without resorting to an AGM. Letters of thanks to be written Action NDL

9) Date of Next Meeting:

26 November 20  @ 1600 hrs by Zoom

Post Meeting Notes

A. The Zoom meeting with Hon Caroline Haughy QC. Jules explained the current situation with the museum . NDL explained the current situation with The Friends. Caroline presented fund raising ideas and more IT/Web Pages accessible for families. She is very happy to support fundraisers at Corby Castle and use any contacts personal or otherwise to help. She is very keen to see the museum prosper and also to help Friends
Web Pages more family orientated, quizzes, lively history to be used by parents teaching at home
B. Paul Chandler has regrettably decided to resign from The Friends Committee. This leaves a vacancy on the committee. Discuss at next Committee Meeting Action NDL
C. Fund Raising ideas
i.Drive In film show in the Castle (has been tried by English Heritage but worth following up again). Patron has a contact to help promote this. Discuss at next Committee Meeting
ii.Form a 100 group ( general idea -100 members pay £1 per month by standing order, there is a draw using 50% of the income as prizes £25 first prize, £15 second prize £10 third prize – gives on this example an income of £50 per month or £600 a year). This can be done during Covid period since no personal contact is made. For discussion.
iii. On line auction – beg prizes from members & any companies we can coerce and have either an on line Via zoom auction or draw by tickets . Again can be done during Covid times. For discussion
iv. Clay pigeon shoot – could be managed within current Covid restrictions either at a commercial shooting ground or at Corby Castle. For discussion
v Hog roast, garden tours

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