Minutes of Committee Meeting of the Friends of Cumbria’s Museum of Military Life 26 November 2020 (via Zoom)

1) Present

N. Lewis, M. Milbourn, Ms J Wooding, M. Rosling, P. Green, K Moualem, D Allardice, M English

Apologies: C. Stitt, J. Henderson Mrs M McArdle, G. Stitt
Mark English was welcomed to the committee.

2) Matters Arising not elsewhere on the Agenda.

Local History Groups to be contacted when they are meeting normally at the museum Action Jules
RAF Association to be contacted to discuss some form of membership Action Jim
3) Newsletter update by Peter Green
New writer
I am pleased to welcome John Stonebridge to the writing team. John will be contributing feature articles about black powder weapons.
New features
David Allardice has finished his series on Regimental vehicles, I expect the last one  – Landrover Defender – to appear in the Summer. The Ferret is scheduled for the Spring.
As well as John”s black powder articles, David has  nine features on infantry weapons post-WW2 at the planning stage.
Spring 2021 edition
This will lead with an article about the debacle at Fort Oswego on Lake Ontario that caused the 57th Foot to become the 55th Foot. Features will include are: the Regiment at Aberfan; David”s Ferret piece; and possibly Ted”s Yeomanry part 3.
Summer edition
The lead will be 4 Border in France in 1940. We have a feature by a Canadian writer on Fort Malden and the Elliot Family from Carlisle.
Back numbers
Matt and I are hoping to launch a “Back numbers”  service. A year”s worth (ie all 4 from 2020) for £5 inc postage. Matt will look after the money: I will take them to the post box. The objective is to get ‘The Lion & the Dragon” in front of more people and hence  sign up more Friends.
As well as the The Lion & the Dragon”s page, we now have a Border Regiment Group, for anyone (families and military enthusiasts)  interested in the Regiment. If you haven’t joined them please do.
Military Festival
Sadly this has been postponed again till 2022.
4) Membership.
There are currently 137 members.
5) Finance
Report from Carl accepted. Currently £16,126 available in the bank.
6) Patron
Caroline is to provide some information from an acquaintance with knowledge of outdoor film shows.
7) Curator’s Report.
Jules gave a report on the current situation in the museum. The museum had been closed all this last lockdown though staff had worked inside as needed. Friends can contact the museum directly if they need access.
It will open the first weekend in December and only open at weekends.
George McDonald Fraser”s bush hat from Burma had been presented to the museum. It will be displayed later.
The restoration of “Off Duty in the Crimea” is having to wait until the restorer has time to deal with it since they are extremely busy. There is no increase in costs.
The Museum has received a legacy via The Ogilby Trust for £10K from WW1 veteran Mr Todhunter
On line Quiz to be trialled on 04Dec20 tickets vis website – general knowledge based with a military question or two.
8) Fund Raising
i) The 100 Club was discussed.  See below
ii) Outdoor film show discussed (link sent to committee to read info.) See notes below.
9) Any Other Business:
Geoff Stitt has handed the cheque book etc across to Mike Milbourne who now will bank money on behalf of The Friends. ( The bank require new signature forms to be completed)
10) Date of Next Meeting  
28 January 2021 at 1400 hrs via Zoom
Appendix Fund Raising Notes
i) Drive In film show in the Castle (has been tried by English Heritage but worth following up again). Two sites possible, Carlisle Castle or Corby Castle. Quite expensive & probably not profitable if Carlisle Castle used. More chance of profit if used Corby Castle grounds.  Patron has a contact to help promote this. Discuss at next Committee Meeting
ii) 100 Club.  All were in favour of it but with the following provisos:
We needed to make sure we had the numbers to make it worthwhile
Payment would be a yearly cheque if BACs not available
Winnings paid by BACs where possible
Publicity via the Newsletter & winners announced same way
Could be offered to non- Friends members
Electronic random number generator App to be sourced if possible.
 (Reminder –  general idea -100 members pay £1 per month by standing order, there is a draw using 50% of the income as prizes £25 first prize, £15 second prize £10 third prize – gives on this example an income of £50 per month or £600 a year). This can be done during Covid period since no personal contact is made. For further discussion.
Yet to be discussed
iii. On line auction – beg prizes from members & any companies we can coerce and have either an on line Via zoom auction or draw by tickets . Again can be done during Covid times. For discussion
iv. Clay pigeon shoot – could be managed within current Covid restrictions either at a commercial shooting ground or at Corby Castle.
v Hog roast, garden tours

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