The Rule of Six: RONNIE

Ronnie reflects on the Covid-19 pandemic.

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Ronnie didn’t leave his house for four months during 2020, meaning that he never ventured out into town, was unable to see the dentist, and the only person he saw during the whole lockdown was his son.

With just his cats to keep him company, Ronnie admits that it got a bit boring at times, but he managed to occupy himself with various jobs around the house, listening to CDs, watching plenty of TV, and using the treadmill to keep fit.

His son and daughter-in-law helped with the shopping and delivered items to his door, but they only conversed from across the garden so it was quite difficult.

Ronnie has been spending much of his time in his garden, especially during the first lockdown as the weather wasn’t so bad. He always found ways to keep himself busy; digging, tending to the fruit trees, cutting the grass, and planting all sorts of vegetables and plenty of flower bulbs ready for next spring. This also meant that Ronny spent a lot of time cooking in the kitchen, using the various fruits and vegetables grown in his garden.

He was very disheartened that he couldn’t go to the Cenotaph in London for the parade on Remembrance Sunday, as this was something that he had planned and was looking forward to with a number of his friends.

Ronnie is used to cooking for himself, just like he would when he served, and even compares some of his gardening jobs to digging trenches.

Since he was trained to learn to survive in the army, Ronnie said it was ingrained into him to take each day as it comes and just keep going.

Making the most of his mobile phone, Ronnie has been calling his veteran friends and has also chatted with them through texts and emails.

Out of the lockdowns, Ronnie has been able to meet a couple of friends in-person a few times, which he found really valuable.

Take each day as it comes.

Stay safe. Be sensible. Think COVID-19!

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