The Rule of Six: DAVID

David reflects on the Covid-19 pandemic.

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Living with his wife, David feels lucky to have a garden which offers the opportunity to give them both space away from each other if necessary.

As they isolate themselves in their house, they keep themselves busy during the day with various jobs - spending a lot of their time gardening in their back garden and tending to the village’s garden box for Houghton in Bloom. David has been shopping for himself and his wife, as well as for others, and has also enjoyed time spent walking, reading, watching television and collecting litter around the village.

Sadly, David has only been able to see his son for a total of four hours in 2020 due to the national circumstances, but he understands that he’s doing the right thing by being sensible and believes that sitting at home is “a price worth paying” for the health of others.

With at least three holidays cancelled and two events postponed in 2020 because of the pandemic, David counts himself lucky and remains thankful that he and his wife are alive and well.

David has really missed meeting others connected to the Regiment and reminisces of the past times together, especially since they missed out on their usual Remembrance Day service and parade in 2020.

In his military career, there were vast times of inactivity waiting for something to happen, so David is very much used to sitting around not doing much. This lockdown has been an interesting challenge for him but he’s always found something to do during the lockdown.

David understands the importance of keeping fit and regularly goes on walks around the local area, using his Fitbit to keep track of his exercise.

David has been worrying about how his friends are coping, so he’s been using FaceTime and Zoom to chat with his friends and family, particularly his son - although he admits it’s not the same as meeting in person. Every week, he has also been able to connect with friends that he made in Hong Kong when he was serving there.

While he has been making the most of the iPad to stay in touch with people, David also tries to make time to do other things to keep himself occupied in order to spend less time on technology.

Get a routine and practice self-discipline. Find your inner peace to be able to sit still and wait it out.

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