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You can help the Museum to care for its unique collection by sponsoring one of 90 objects until 6th December 2023, the end of our 90th Birthday year.

We suggest a donation of £20.00 for each object, although larger donations are most welcome! Why not use this opportunity to sponsor an object as an unusual gift?

When you Sponsor an Object, you will receive a certificate which includes an image of your object, the choice of sponsor name and personalised message. You can also choose to display this message alongside the object on our Sponsor an Object webpage.

Full list of 90 Objects

By sponsoring an object, you will help the Museum continue to tell the story of ‘ordinary people doing extraordinary things’ and preserve Cumbria’s military heritage for future generations.

For details of the 90 objects, full terms and conditions, and information about how to Sponsor an Object, CLICK HERE

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