Remembrance 2022
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From Monday 07.11.22 to Thursday 10.11.22 Cumbria’s Museum of Military Life and Carlisle Cathedral are hosting 4 sets of day long school events in partnership with one another. These events will give school groups the opportunity to explore themes of remembrance and history within the richly historical grounds of Carlisle Castle and Carlisle Cathedral, both of which hold significant links to local remembrance. Schools will be able to conveniently book a day-long trip and have the experience of 2 major sites and workshops. For one day, the event will cost £5 per pupil.

Up to 70 pupils can be accommodated when split into groups of 35 pupils. Each group of 35 pupils will spend half the day at one site, have lunch, and then swap locations to complete the second workshop for the rest of the day.

There are toilets and disabled toilets available in both locations, and accessible entrances. Facilities for packed lunches will be provided.

Parking for coaches is available on Castle Car park (formerly Devonshire car park) on the west side of the castle, or Bitts Park to the east. There is also a coach drop off point at Tullie House Museum. Please note there are accessible and safe crossing options for large groups under the road via the underpass.

Risk assessments are available.

To book please contact:


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