Virtual Regimental Weekend 2020 Schedule

Friday 8th May – Sunday 10th May 2020


Friday 8th May:


    • 10am: Video Premiere to Launch the Regimental Weekend

What is this virtual weekend all about? Find out more here and start the celebrations with a selection of photos from previous years


    • 11am-4pm: The Tiny Wee Pre-Quiz Test

No interrogation going on here! Just a few questions to get you warmed up and start those cogs turning for the main event tomorrow evening


    • 5pm-8pm: Virtual ‘Get Together’ at the Apple Tree Pub

Take this time to look back on past highlights from the Apple Tree Pub and use our prompts to check-in with your friends 



Saturday 9th May:


    • 10am: The Armchair Sports Competition

Disappointed that you are unable to play golf? Feel the need to stretch those muscles? Then grab a pen and paper and take part in a more relaxed sporting competition instead! All fitness levels catered for… Can you guess them all?


    • 12pm: Museum Virtual Tour & Scavenger Hunt

Cumbria’s Museum of Military Life is the custodian of your Regimental history. Visit us on our virtual tour and join in the fun scavenger hunt… Can you find all the items?


    • 1pm: Spot the Difference 


    • 2pm: Museum Video Tour

Walk through the museum with Jules, our Museum Manager, reminding you of your history on display 

    • 4pm: Reveal the print of The King’s Own Border Regiment 60 Years On

In 2019, an artist in residence at the Museum chatted to some of you and researched the history of the King’s Own Royal Border Regiment. This is the result. Find out more about this remarkable painting by Stephen Warnes and have the opportunity to get your hands on your very own print.


    • 5pm: Spot the Difference 


    • 7pm: Regimental Dinner & Toast

Charge your glasses ready to toast the Queen


    • 7:30pm: The Big Fat Regimental Quiz of the Year!

Get ready for the ultimate Regimental Quiz. Awaken those brain cells and test your knowledge by taking part in our online competition… Do you have what it takes? 



Sunday 10th May:


    • 10am: Regimental Parade

No need for hours of square bashing, just grab your beret for a whirlwind look back on past years and reflect on what it’s like to be on parade. Why not post your 2020 photograph to share with others here?


    • 12pm: Cathedral 

Following our annual programme, we will revisit Carlisle cathedral. No formal service this year, so spend this time flicking through photographs to remember old times.


    • 1pm: Curry Lunch

Gather the ingredients, get into the cookhouse and prepare your scoff!  Join us for a curry lunch and a chat… 


  • 3pm: A message from Princess Alexandra


  • 4pm: The Final Farewell…until next year. 

Dates for your diary 7-9 May 2021.


Stay safe everyone!

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