1st Battalion The Border Regiment at Arnhem (No Dust Jacket)


The 1st Battalion  Border Regiment at Arnhem in 1944.

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12th Sepetember to the 26th September

By Alan Green

Both in good  condition with NO Dust Jackets

The 1st Battalion  Border Regiment at Arnhem in 1944.

This was the time when the Operation, “Market Garden” was launched in an effort to shorten the Second World War by at least twelve months. The 1st British Airborne Division was dropped over the Rhine close to the pleasant town of Arnhem on Sunday afternoon, 17th September 1944. It was the prelude to nine days of intensive warfare in which one thousand, nine hundred and sixteen men of the Division lost their lives. ln addition the Germans had some one thousand, seven hundred and twenty-five dead. Countless more of the Division were wounded and taken prisoner. Of the Border Regiment, out of a total fighting strength of forty-one officers and seven hundred and fifty-four other ranks, one hundred and twenty-five were killed in action and the number answering to the roll-call at Nijmegen after the battle on the 26th September 1944 amounted to nine officers and two hundred and forty-one other ranks. Those left behind were the wounded and those unable to cross the river due to the shortage of assault boats at the time of the withdrawal. From the casualty figures produced after the battle the proportion of casualties suffered by the Border Regiment was a good deal higher than other Battalions in the Division.

108 Pages 8 black and white pictures and 4 maps

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