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01 CABR3633 25 Pounder Field Gun
02 34th Soldier From The Arroyo Arms Harraby Carlisle
03 CALBR3 Barcelona Silver Medal
CALBR3088Jacobite Cumberland Coins
05 CALBRIL 3 1996 2 Punder Anti Tank Gun
06 Boder Regiment Nameplate From Royal Scot Class 46136
07 BSA Military M20 500cc Motorcycle
08 CALBR4740 British Airborne BSA Folding Bicyle
09 Paddy And George
010 CALBR3338 1 Vickers Machine Gun Mk2
Battle Of Fontenoy 1745
012 Grenadier Mitre Cap 1745
Arroyo Drums Edit
014 CALBR50 34th Colours Urn
Arroyo Drums Edit
016 CALBR4168 British Square 34th Foot Model Detail 3
17 Beaver
CALBR86 Colour Sergeant Dollery Wife And Son
19 Sebastopol Eagle
CALBR3136 4 Silver VC (1)
021CALBR117 Russian Brass Bugle Crimea Period
22 Carved Chalk From Arras Cathedral 1917
023 CALBR98  Lord Roberts Kabul Bugle
024 CALBR4486 1 4329 J Smith Tobbaco Box
025 CALBR3071 Signalling Mirror India Display Case
026 Kings Own Royal Border Fell Race Shield
027   Chinese War Map
028 Queen Victoria Chocolate Box 1900
029 1878 Home Service Pattern Blue Cloth Helmet Of Major Charles Davies Vaughan DSO
030 Relief Of Lady Smith Sash
031  7567 Pte T Wishart By Town Of Wigton
032 Boer Flag Relic Of The Relief Of Ladysmith
034 Iron Rations
DSC 0175
CALBR048  Moses Penisular Medal
Who Can Beat This Plucky 4
038   WW1 Poster St George
CALBR246 OC 2 Border Dug Out Sign
040 CALBR4051 4 Bible With Bullet Pte Piel
41 CALBR736 Steel Shaving Mirror Pierced By Shrapnel Leipzig Redoubt 1916 Pte Wood
042 German Maxim Machine Gun Captured By Sgt Mott VC
43 CALBR257 Turkish Bugle Captureed At Gallipoli
44 CALBR3944 Wooden Bingo Board WW1 Pte I Briggs
045   WW1 Wooden Cross
046   Poppy
047 1 Gallon Stoneware Rum Jar Marked SRD Service Ration Department
048 WW1 Wire Cutters
29th Division 1 Border Pith Helmet
Bling Dragon
051 Key To Kyber Press
52 Stirrup Pump Bucket
QuintinsHill Lee Enfield1
054 CLABR4104 1 Babys Gas Mask
55 Civilian Gas Mask WW2
Meat Rationing Poster 1918
57 CALBR 4733 State Management Barrel Bung
58 Womens Land Army Arm Band
059 CALBR ARP Armband
60 Willis Jeep
61 WACO CG4 Hadrian Glider
63 Airborne Beret Border Regiment
64 1 Bn KORBR Sign
65 Half Bottle Of Wine   Band
066 Wireless Set 31
067 Steel Plate From The Berliner
068 Battle Banjo
069 Bush Hat
070 Bren LMG Mk 2 Inglis Of Canada
071 Colins Shield
072   Ceremonial Stool
073 Lucky Mascot Pluto Carried In His Webbing By Colour Sergeant Dave Israel
074 Riot Gear NI
75 Dress Cap Dave Israel
076 Car Checking Mirror
077 KORBR Sign 1980
78 Bandmaster Uniform
79   Poisoned Arrows
080 United Nations Blue Beret
081 Shell Case 15mm Afgahnistan
CALBR45341 Cpl Ashley Irving Helmet
019 Pte And Wife
084 Bobsleigh Suit Of Derel Osbourne KORBR
085 Silver Durand Cup Medal
086 Over Sized Cricket Bat Trophy
087 Serpent
088 Kings Own Royal Border Regiment Memorial Plaque
089 Boer War Bronze Memorial
090 PIAT Anti Tank Weapon WW2

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