Freelance Project Evaluator – Resilient Alma Project
The budget available is £2,300 plus £200 for materials = £2,500.00

Background to Project:

Based in Carlisle Castle, the Museum looks after a comprehensive military collection with strong ties to Cumbria and the Castle. We are continuing the onsite military presence which extends from the Romans to present day.

However, the pandemic has seen us stop, and reassess our situation. We know we need to refocus and become more sustainable. As part of our plans, we secured NLHF funding to help us become more robust and resilient, to future-proof the Museum.

Our journey will include:

• a review of our Governance and the upskilling of trustees

• external support to upskill staff and develop their confidence

• investment in our digital infrastructure to offer additional services to rebuild and engage with our existing audiences, reach new audiences, and build staff and volunteer digital capacity. This includes a digital strategy and action plan

• the recruitment of a Learning and Access assistant post to engage with families and schools and help develop digital resources to re-establish audience engagement

• the review of our financial strategy and training for staff to develop new streams of income, both inhouse and online

The Brief:

We are seeking an experienced freelancer to work with the project team to develop an evaluation framework for implementation throughout the Resilient Alma Project (2021-2025)

The framework must include:

  • A timeline with suggested evaluation processes to be scheduled throughout the project lifetime
  • Development of targets and outputs in conjunction with the Project team
  • Continuing collation and analysis of data and evidence
  • Production of interim report for year 1
  • Support and advice to enable the project team to continuously evaluate the project
  • Data and information for the final project NLHF report

The project team are keen that this process should provide confidence and skills to develop staff evaluation ability outside of this project’s lifetime.

Click here for the full evaluation brief.

How to apply:

Please submit tender by email to Jules Wooding, Museum Manager – by 1200hrs on Friday 12 November 2021.

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