Minutes of Committee Meeting of the Friends of Cumbria’s Museum of Military Life September

1) Present: N. Lewis, Ms J Wooding, M. Rosling, P. Green, M Lund, Mrs M McArdle, D Allardice K Moualem, M. Milbourn & G McGarr.

Apologies: Carl Stitt

2) Matters Arising not elsewhere on the agenda.

Harlequin’s grave, agreed to donate £250.00 re Broken Headstone



Local History Groups to be contacted when they are meeting normally at the museum Action J W. to Target.

RAF Association to be contacted to discuss some form of membership. Tony Parini had been contacted via e-mail and a response was awaited Action NDL


3) Newsletter:


Expanding from 8 pages to 12  would increase printing costs by £30.00. Postage would stay the same. There was enough material to fill enlarged newsletter, but the Editor felt that this would only be justified if supported by a promotional effort, which at present he could not see happening.


An update of the Newsletter was given prior to the meeting as below:

The Volunteer Engineers’ jacket

Goon Show units

Interview with Arroyo author



Mary Warren grave – David

Military Festival

Cricketing Chaplain



Allan Mallinson biog/interview

Page turning ceremony – David

French drums pictures of Arroyo Days from the 1880’s onwards


4) Membership.


Membership: Currently the membership stands at 137.

Appears to be an issue with recurring payments via PayPal.  It was pointed out that currently the Museums system could not do it. To be investigated Action ML & MR

5) Finance:

Bank balance remains at £15,622.

closing the HSBC account to the agenda, its not quite as clear cut as just closing the account and asking members to set up new standing orders,

6) Status of “Friends

The Resolution required by the Friends has been accepted by the Trustees. It needs signing by The Trustees then filing. A separate minute needs to be produced listing the signatories for the bank to be sent with the application form. Action ME

The process of opening the new account for the Friends is an on-line form which is proving more difficult than anticipated to complete. A joint attempt will be made by Friends & Museum staff. Action NDL & JW

Curators Report.

Restrictions are being lifted. Current footfall levels have Increased but relatively a good summer & Good August so far. Joint tickets with English Heritage.

2 new members of staff been great help. Social media has improved, No temporary exhibition until next year 2022.

Friends can come into the museum now without pre-booking.

Requests for funding.  The disabled persons stair lift will have to be renewed. This is likely to cost in the region of £40K and will be a major fundraiser for later this year.it was noted that a steering group would be needed.

More details to come after the Sub-Group meeting (G M & M M) on the 27th of Sept 2021@ 5.30 museum. Action JW & NL

8) AOB

Easy fundraising website which paid a small percentage to the museum after every purchase made to suppliers via their website. More users were needed to increase the donations

The  Friends Open Evening for Friends and friends of Friends on 18Sep21 was discussed and the costs changed to £3.00 for Friends and £5.00 for friends of Friends   Action ME & G McG

9) Date of next meeting:

Next meeting would be held on 03/ Nov/21 at 16.00 hrs at the museum and via Zoom

Fund Raising Notes


  1. Drive In film show in the Castle (has been tried by English Heritage but worth following up again). Two sites possible, Carlisle Castle or Corby Castle. Quite expensive & probably not profitable if Carlisle Castle used. More chance of profit if used Corby Castle grounds. Patron has a contact to help promote this. Discuss at next Committee Meeting
  2. 100 Club. All were in favour of it but with the following provisos:

We needed to make sure we had the numbers to make it worthwhile

Payment would be a yearly cheque if BACs not available

Winnings paid by BACs where possible

Publicity via the Newsletter & winners announced same way

Could be offered to non- Friends members

Electronic random number generator App to be sourced if possible.


(Reminder – general idea -100 members pay £1 per month by standing order, there is a draw using 50% of the income as prizes £25 first prize, £15 second prize £10 third prize – gives on this example an income of £50 per month or £600 a year). This can be done during Covid period since no personal contact is made. For further discussion.


iii. Online auction – beg prizes from members & any companies we can coerce and have either an online Via zoom auction or draw by tickets. Again, can be done during Covid times. For discussion

  1. Clay pigeon shoot – could be managed within current Covid restrictions either at a commercial shooting ground or at Corby Castle. For discussion

v Hog roast, garden tours


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