Minutes of Committee Meeting of the Friends of Cumbria’s Museum of Military Life 03Sep19

Present: N. Lewis, M. Milbourne, J. Henderson, D. Parsons, B. Stitt, G. Stitt , P. Chandler,

  1. Eastwood, M. McArdle

Minutes of last meeting:  Agreed as true record

Outstanding Actions from last meeting. (Matters Arising)

190101 : Ongoing. Friends advertising banner. Quote will be about £100. S.E. will need to discuss with Nick about graphics NDL to arrange meeting  Action NDL

190301: Recruiting new members, Keep on agenda. Action MMcA

190304: £400 Purchase of books not urgent. Conservation of original picture more urgent

Cost maybe between £1,000/£2000.Will be used as a focus for raising funds   Estimate to be obtained  Action SE

190308: Fund Raising to be on the next agenda Action MMcA

190502 Added after meeting to prevent being lost. Review Constitution: Several adjustments were made to the constitution and accepted. Draft to be produced Action NL

(post meeting it was confirmed that the way the Friends operates will have to be reviewed to keep the claiming of gift aid legal. This may remove the need to have a constitution. Further investigation required by CS Action CS)

190901: WW1 Dinner 12 October 2019. More tickets need to be sold Action all

190902: Cost of 4 issues of magazine now considered excessive.

Opinion is 3 publications per year satisfactory. To be discussed with editor

Action NDL

Newsletter/Magazine: Newsletter tabled which would include flyer for WW1 dinner.  Format approved. Help required to mail/ envelope newsletter. Volunteered Mike Milbourne, Paul Chandler, Mary McArdle to assist.

Membership Issues:  None reported

Finance Update: Update received from C. Stitt .  No issues raised

Curators report: Afghan exhibition tremendously successful. While this exhibition finished, the project  was funded until end of year. New exhibition  16 Sept – 1 Dec. Regiment in 100 Objects. All exhibits to be from reserve collection.

Future programme

  1. Valuation event with Paul Laidlaw. D Parsons reported everything in hand. Advert in Cumberland News, cost £57,  she intends catering for 80, there will not be a raffle, Curator to supply tea, coffee, sugar etc. Doreen will be in hall from 1.30, she thanked help offered from N. Lewis, B. Stitt, G. Stitt, P. Chandler, M. McArdle.
  2. WW1 Dinner 12 Oct 2019

Booking form to include option for donations. Details and menu tabled. Thanks was expressed to Stuart and Mike for hard work

  1. 190904 19 Oct. Saturday 3-5, Talk on Gallipoli Landings by John Mather. Bar open with tea & coffee. £5 per head for everyone. E-mail synopsis to museum Action NDL


  1. 190905 J Mills retirement. A dinner to mark J. Mills retirement and thanks for all the years of his support to Friends committee. Geoff and Barbara Stitt to investigate venue and menu, Nigel to check list of invitees.
  2. 190906 Paul Chandler to investigate and buy gazebo for Friends use. Cost of approx £500 agreed.

Dates of next meetings:

5 Nov, 14 Jan, 3 Mar, 5 May all at 16.00hrs

23 June @ 19.00 hrs. This will be AGM

Current programme:

19Oct19 Gallipoli Landings John Mather N Lewis
05Nov19 Committee Meeting Museum @1600 hrs M. McArdle
04Dec19 Combined Services Carol Service Cathedral P Chandler
25Nov19 Final copy date for Winter Newsletter   P Green
14Jan20 Committee Meeting Museum @1600 hrs M. McArdle
Feb20 Talk The March East TBC P Green & N Lewis
03Mar20 Committee Meeting Museum @1600 hrs M. McArdle
25Mar20 Final copy date for Spring Newsletter TBC P Green
05May20 Committee Meeting Museum @1600 hrs M. McArdle
25May20 Final copy date for Summer Newsletter TBC P Green
230Jun20 AGM Museum @1900 hrs N Lewis

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