Minutes of Committee Meeting of the Friends of Cumbria’s Museum of Military Life 03/Nov/2021 (via Zoom)

1) Present: N. Lewis, Ms J Wooding, M. Rosling, M Lund, Mrs M McArdle, D Allardice & G McGarr, K Moualem, M. Milbourn, J Wooding,

Apologies: P. Green, C. Stitt

2) Matters Arising not elsewhere on the agenda.

Issue with minutes of the last meeting, KM will from now on email the minutes in a PDF format.

RAF Association Action NDL


3) Newsletter


All Happy with PG Newsletter. Future edition, all ok and again Happy with PG Progress.

4) Membership.


Membership: Currently the membership stands at 146. Three New members.

We should not close the old account as we may lose members, new member will be on the new account. We must accept charges will be taken out of the account come what may, old or new account.  Action ML & MR

5) Finance:

The Bank Balance remain at £15,622 in Bank. Most of this money is from Lady Ballyedmond. The cost of running the Friends is going up therefore we need to raise funding.

6) Status of “Friends

The Friends are now under the umbrella of the trustees. New bank account is open.

New members will pay into the new account, keep the old bank account as well to make sure no issues with old members and their renewals payment. We may have to look at DD rather than SO for members to pay fees with.

Gift aids is now available as we are under the museum umbrella. Pay online is being progressed. Small charge will be taken but exceedingly small charge.

Curators Report.

Success getting heritage money, digital strategy is the way forward.

Advertise learning candidate, successful grant from art fund (audience development fund), application art council funding re managing our collections, but not successful, we will resubmit this application, looking into digital infrastructure so fund raising can be paid online. Particularly good summer but will be quite from now on as winter month are here. We are still getting donation; people are offering things to the museum. We are having a good season with schools; this will improve as time goes on (Covid-19). 2 kick start lady both have moved on and found other jobs, they have been great help.

Looking into consultant to make the whole museum Digital??

8) AOB

Now the Harlequin Headstone is completed, potentially giving the refurbished dog grave in Eastbourne some publicity at the time of Crufts dog show early next year. It could be linked to wider publicity about dogs at war. G McG

Chair lift sub-committee

Managed to get to the manufacturer of the chair lift and managed to get some approved maintenance engineer list locally. But we will await till we meet (Jackson) local maintenance engineer to get in his view why the chairlift needs replacing. Will update when we have met.

After that we will get 2 quotes to repair the stairlift, then ask Jules to pick one for her final approval to carry out the repair.

Date for the sub-committee meeting to be agreed. KM, MM, G McG

9) Date of next meeting:

Next meeting would be held on 18/ Jan/2022 at 16.00 hrs at the museum and via Zoom

Fund Raising Notes

Asda voting is running well, running at 61-62%,

Asda foundation awarded the museum £500.00.

COOP charity funding, access to money if they are happy to support.



Veteran lunch just about covering cost, (£3.00) but we need to keep doing this?


Need to raise fund to the Museum, Mike M & George M volunteered to help in Planning Veteran meal to be held at the Museum, sometime in March-April 2022   Action MM & G McG

The 19th of February is now confirmed as the date for the Food and History evening. The Border Regiments campaigns in India will be the history side therefore curries will be the food.

The running order will probably be –

17:00 – doors open

18:00 – talk

19:00 – meal

21:00 – carriages


Cost now is estimated at about £20 per head to include a glass of wine Will need to sort out a raffle to boost profits. More details later

Thanks to Mike for arranging this.




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