Minutes of meeting of “Friends” of Carlisle’s Museum of Military Life 3 March 2020

Present: Paul Chandler, Doreen Parsons,Mike Melbourne, Mike Rosling, Barbara Stitt, Geoff Stitt, Jules Golding, Matt Lund, Mary McArdle.

Apologies: Nigel Lewis, Peter Green, Jim Henderson, Carl Stitt.

Minutes of last meeting 5 November 2019 tabled and accepted as true record.

Matters Arising not elsewhere on the agenda.
Restoration of painting. It was reported that there would be a full article on the painting and restoration in the current newsletter/magazine.

Full report received by all members from Peter by email. All members registered their appreciation of Peters hard work.

Membership now 130 with income increased from £910 to £1146, an increase of £236.
As situation had improved, it was agreed to stay with 4 runs of magazine. As postage will be increased by 8% in March, it was agreed that 300 large second class stamps and 100 small second class stamps be purchased by Geoff for magazine postage.

Accounts for year ended February 29, 2020 were tabled and accepted showing total funds of £6166.
Geoff proposed that he looked into possibility of changing banks to Cumberland Building Society.

Future Events.
Summer Hog Roast at Corby Castle.
It was agreed that a definite date was needed when Corby Castle would be available. When a definite date is established, it was agreed that the format would be that the Hog Roast with trimmings would be held on late afternoon on a Saturday.

Other questions to be addressed was whether a liquor licence was needed, the entertainment finalised, the cost of tickets agreed and whether shelter needed in case of rain.

Since nothing could be agreed without a date from Corby Castle, it was decided that an extraordinary meeting be held on 24 March at 4pm in the Castle when the only item on the agenda would be the Hog Roast.

Curators Report
Jules Gooding is now Museum Manager.

Jules thanked everyone for the support on her appointment and on Stuart’s farewell “do” which was enjoyed by so many and delighted STUART and Peg.

Down to 4 members of staff and not recruiting yet, looking at doing different things in different ways,
It was confirmed that due to insurance the museum can only be open when member of staff is on site.
A quiz night is scheduled for Friday 20 March at 7pm to include chip butty. Ticket £6 to be booked by 17 March.

Carlisle Military Festival 6 June
( See Peter’s report also).
This in partnership with Bookends in Castle Street. There will be 5 talks, a single daytime talk would cost £6, all 4 daytime talks would cost £20 and the evening talk, ,including a glass of wine would cost £8, all 5 talks £25 and normal museum discounts will apply .

Any Other Business.
Membership cards were distributed and Mike R was thanked for his hard work.
Acquisition night – to do list??

Date of Next Meeting

24 March @ 4 pm (Hog Roast only for decisions)

5 May 2020 @ 4pm in Carlisle Castle.

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