Minutes of Committee Meeting of the Friends of Cumbria’s Museum of Military Life 03 June 2020 (via Zoom)

1) Present
N. Lewis, M. Milbourn, J Wooding, M. Rosling, J. Henderson, P. Green

2) Apologies
G. Stitt, Mrs B. Stitt.  A Chandler Mrs M. McArdle , Mrs D. Parsons C. Stitt

3) Minutes:
No minutes discussed because they had been made irrelevant by Lockdown

4) Museum Update
Museum currently closed. All staff apart from one are furloughed officially. Web  site being maintained and used. 04 July 2020 is the proposed opening following government advice and discussions amongst museum curators. English Heritage also proposing opening castle on 04 July 2020 with access control by pre-booked tickets which would seem to be the way CMoML should follow suit. An Arts Council grant of £31K had been applied for and received to help keep the business running. Risk Assessments for opening were being produced.

5) Retirements from Committee
Doreen, Geoff and Barbara had indicated they wished to retire at the next AGM. Suggested replacements included representative from Regimental Association (either as an individual who wanted to be on Friends Committee or as an Association Representative) This was to be discussed with the Carlisle Association President and their thoughts considered. Perhaps extend invitation to West Cumbria Branch ACTION NDL

A short description of what was wanted as a committee member should be produced ACTION NDL

It was noted that we were no longer principally a Regimental Museum and should limit the number of regimental personnel on the committee. To be achieved by having representatives from the other services or regiments and civilian organisations included. Maintain civilian/regimental representatives as above from Friends Membership.

It was noted

(a) That as the current Constitution stands new committee members would have to be members of The Friends first. If there was sufficient interest from other organisations to have something like an ex-officio member the rule could be amended

(b) The current Friends membership should be trawled first for volunteers. A letter insert would be sent out via the next Newsletter ACTION NDL

6) Retirement of Patron
Lady Ballyedmond had indicated that as their business was changing she would no longer be having dealings with Corby Castle so would not necessarily be coming over as much.

Discussions were held over possible replacements.

7) Events for remainder of the current calendar year
Friends Acquisition Evening, BBQ/Hog Roast and AGM were considered. It was noted that there was apprehension amongst many about coming out of lockdown with an element of lack of confidence. With this in mind as well as the age groups Friends functions appeal to it was decided to cancel all fund raising events for the remainder of this year.

AGM this was to be planned for towards end of September or beginning of October when the results of the opening of the museum would give some guidance ACTION NDL & MMcA

8) Events for next year 2021
Outline discussions for Garden Event, Acquisitions Evening. Plus one other TBC?

9) Foreign recruitment
Contact has been maintained with 34th Re-enactment Group in the US, bringing in at least two new member directly plus one in Australia. It had been agreed as a temporary measure that they paid £10 per year and received an e-mail newsletter. Currently to act as an pilot to encourage more members from the 34th Re-enactment Group 20 hard copy newsletters had been sold to be given out to prospective members of the Group.

10) Newsletter
Peter has sorted the next few issues out with planned articles and delivery from the printer to Mike Rosling who has very kindly agreed to distribute them via snail mail.

Thank you to both these committee members for their hard work keeping the newsletter going and providing a link to the Friend’s Membership and to Nick for providing the e-mail circulation.

11) AOB

 12) Next Meeting
29 July 2020 at 1600 hrs via Zoom (unless restrictions have been lifted)

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