Minutes of Committee Meeting of the Friends of Cumbria’s Museum of Military Life 07May19

1) Present: N. Lewis, , M. Milbourn, , G. Stitt, Mrs B. Stitt.  S. Eastwood, ,Mrs M. McArdle , Mrs D. Parsons, J. Mills, M. Rosling, J. Henderson, C. Stitt, :  P. Green (Skype)

2) Apologies A Chandler

3) Minutes: The Minutes of the last meeting were taken as read

4) Actions from last meeting: Completed apart from the following

190101 Ongoing. Friends advertising banner. Quote will be about £100. S.E. will need to discuss with Nick about graphics & arrange meeting with printer  Action SE

190104 Phantom Accounts – ongoingAction CS

190301 Secretary to include recruiting as a topic in next committee meeting Action J M


190304 £400 approval for books – ongoing Action SE

190305 P. Laidlaw’s valuation. No date yet. Will be held in Methodist Hall-£17 an hour inc. kitchen. Action D.P. Post meeting date arranged.

5) Appointment of Minutes Secretary: There having been no volunteer to replace JM a rota system was decided upon and will be operated by the Chairman.

6) Appointment of Newsletter Editor: After a period of ill-health J.H. has decided to step down and P.Green will take over. Jim was thanked for his sterling efforts as Editor.

190501 It was decided to include a return address on the back of the Newsletter. Action MR

7)  Review Constitution: Several adjustments were made to the constitution and accepted. Draft to be produced Action NL

(post meeting it was confirmed that the way the Friends operates will have to be reviewed to keep the claiming of gift aid legal. This may remove the need to have a constitution. Further investigation required by CS Action CS)


8)Membership: Currently 124, life or paying, Life Membership fee to increase to £300. Others to remain the same. To be formally approved at AGM  Action JM

9) Finance update: C.S. has produced figures with a bottom line of £5,178.


10) Curator’s Report: The Afghan exhibition of 20-5-19 has had a good response from veterans and there has been lots of interest and material brought.in. There have been many donations of books. Some have gone into the library. Some 2nd World War German stuff has been brought in including a rare grenade box. S.E.pointed  out that the Crimean War bowls painting needs renovation and it is good to have this sort of focus for fund raising. Estimate to be obtainedAction S.E.


AOB None


Next Meeting


25Jun19 AGM 1900 hrs Museum


 Current programme:

07Jun19 Friends Open Evening Cheese & Wine

1830.for 1900

M Milbourne & G Stit
25Jun19 AGM 1900 hrs JMills Secretary
11Sept19 Antique Valuation Paul Laidlaw D Parsons
12Oct19 WW1 Dinner TBC J Crouch M Milbourn
10Sep19 Committee Meeting plus talk Warsaw Uprising Meeting at 1600 hrs Talk TBC JMills
19Oct19 Gallipoli Landings John Mather N Lewis
04Dec19 Combined Services Carol Service Cathedral P Chandler
Feb-20 Talk The March East TBC P Green & N Lewis




190101 Friends advertising banner/graphics. See Nick for photos & arrange meeting with Andy at graphics S Eastwood/N Lewis
190104 Treasurer to look into phantom accounts. C Stitt


190301 Secretary to include recruiting as a topic in next committee meeting J Mills


190304 £400 maximum was granted by the Friends for the purchase of books (The museum may go ahead with purchases to this value without further referral to The Friends) S Eastwood


190305 Paul Laidlaw antique Valuation postponed to later date . Confirm date Post meeting 11Sep19 at 1400 hrs in Methodist Hall


D Parsons
190307 WW1 Dinner o be held during 100 objects Exhibition  Date confirmed 12 Oct 19


S Eastwood/ M Milbourne
190308 Fund  raising – to be kept on agenda for next meeting JMills
190501 Include a return address on the back of the Newsletter. M Rosling


190502 Send letters to non e-mail recipients advising of Open Evening and AGM M Rosling



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