Major FC Elton VC

Brevet-Major Frederick Cockayne Elton VC

Born at White Staunton, Chard in Somerset on 23rd April 1832, the son of Rev. William Tierney Elton Rector of White Staunton.

Cockayne Elton was commissioned as an Ensign in 1849 and promoted to Captain in November 1854 and Brevet-Major in 1855.

He was awarded the Victoria Cross – “For distinguished conduct on the night of 4th August 1855, when in command of a working party in the advanced trenches in front of the Quarries in encouraging and inciting his men, by his example, to work under a dreadful fire, and when there was some hesitation shown in consequence of the severity of the fire, going into the open and working with a pick and shovel, thus exhibiting the best possible example to his men. In the words of one of them ‘there was not another officer in the British Army who would have done what Major Elton did that night” – notice of the award was published in the London Gazette of 24 February 1857.

He was listed as killed on the Crimea casualty Roll, but was only wounded and survived; he also received the French Legion d’Honneur and Turkish Order of Medjidie. He commanded the 21st (Royal Scots Fusiliers) Foot from 1866 was married in 1863 to Maria Jane Rynd daughter of Mr. Robert F. Rynd of Ryndville in Co. Meath.

He died in London on 24 March 1888. There is a  Memorial  to him at White Staunton.


Medals together with the diplomas for the Legion D’Honneur and Order of Medjidie sold at Sothebys in 1910 for £84 and again in 1946. The medals were purchased by the Regiment from Spinks in 1949. BMus 122/1-5


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